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Statistiques sur l'immigration en Australie
Friday 20 March 09 - 21:44
Catégorie: Immigration

Chiffres interessants sur les mouvements migratoires en Australie et particulierment en Australie Occidentale. Remember? The West is the Best!

WA growth leads nation
21st March 2009,

WA’s population growth is accelerating, increasing by 171 people every day, led by international and interstate migrants.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show that the State’s population grew 2.9 per cent, or more than 62,600, to the end of the September quarter last year, the fastest growth rate of any State or Territory and WA’s fastest since 1980.

Nearly 18,000 overseas migrants arrived in WA in the September quarter, offset by 6500 departures. It was the second biggest quarterly intake of migrants in more than 30 years.

Nationally, 128,216 migrants landed during the quarter, offset by 58,932 people who moved overseas. Over the past year, 464,000 migrants came to Australia while 228,981 headed to another country.

The Government announced this week it would slice the skilled migrant intake by 14 per cent, and immigration experts believe numbers will fall as the global recession forces many people to put off their plans to move to Australia.

WA also drew new residents from every other State and Territory bar Tasmania, including 2500 people from NSW, 2400 from Victoria and 2100 from Queensland. WA was the only State or Territory to draw more people from Queensland than lose residents to the Sunshine State, with 1981 West Australians heading to Brisbane and surrounding centres.

In a sign of the continued success of the Howard government’s baby bonus, 7673 children were born in WA in the September quarter. Over the past 12 months a record 31,000 children were born in the State. The fertility rate now stands at a decades-high 2.1 per cent, or natural replacement level.

Perth remains the fastest growing capital after Darwin, with the population reaching 1.6 million. Bunbury is the nation’s second-fastest growing centre with a growth rate of 3.7 per cent.

Australia’s population rose 389,000 in the quarter to more than 21.5 million. WA’s population is almost 2.2 million. Since the start of the decade, the number of people in the State has swelled 318,000 or 17 per cent.


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